On the 17th July, 9.30. We lost our only grandma. She died of stroke. My sense of losing her wasn't there that night, but fate is fate. God loves her more than us. My unc and my mom told us to let her go, Its the best than watching her suffering different kind of sickness, mentally and physically. Obviously, she was the part of our family. We considered her as the leader of our family. I miss the presence, the voice, the delicious cooks.. Her everything. May god bless her. May god placed her at a better place, a place where she's always feel peace. Amin.



I miss grandma, I wish I could stay with you, 'till you're 100%ly healed. Always pray for you. Since the 'Tragic drama' happened, I was alerted. It was like a wake up call, since I've done too many sins. God, forgive me. I've witnessed too many changes in my family, too. Sighs. Don't wanna talk about it.. Maybe some other time. :D
We've already done English qualifying exam, Im not so sure about my composition =/, about paper two, Alhamdulilah. :) And now, its 12 a.m. Tommorow, we'll be sitting for Maths 2 paper. Shit!
About Legacy Surya, so far so good. Its just that, Im pretty disappointed about our new stock which should be ours but we were too late, our stocks had been taken by some assholes. Fuck you. We were extremely frustated, and pissed at the same time. We decided NOT to count on people's sweat. Its just doesn't feel right..



Aye aye, Uncle Sam!

I wish I was there, moshing my ass out!


Tiring holiday.

My holiday has turned out to be the tiring one, since my sister elected me as her sales staff, I haven't get a chance to revise, but I won't blame my sister for. I need money too. ;p
Please visit this website'' if you're interested to buy crocs and gibbits, or go to our place at Delima Jaya Complex, First floor, unit 21, block B. Too difficult? I'll guide you. We are said to be the cheapest-crocs-seller, We're proud for that, absolutely.
My mouth hung open for 5 seconds when rumors said that the english Q.E. exam is on the 4th of July. It felt like, im chasing the clock. So, I have this new thing called nerding + working. This tiring holiday helps too. It reduces my 'stress meter', because I don't have time to think about the 'shit' that happened to me.


The early june.


We received a shocking news from our cousin, my grandma's neast had passed away at the age of42, after battling with several sickness. She had a rough life, since she had this tummy ache thing, I wasn't sure what it was. Anyway, may god bless you and may god be always beside you. AMIN =)

Saturday, I went to school, the last sport's day for this year. Seri Ratna won couples of races but yet, they lost too many of them. But that's not the reason we came to school, we were only waiting for our meadal presentation, but goddammit, they use the word "masa tidak mencukupi" instead of "kita kehabisan medal" to chase us off the school without a medal around our neck. However, Seri Ratna won the best marching performance and the best of 4 teams. Congratulation! We lifted the trophy high up in the air, it gave me goosebumps for sure.

Sunday, last night we went to tanjung nangka, because the late's family were having tahlil, we thought we got there late, but not. As we arrived, they were still reading the prayers, so lucky. =) my sister said, its no use for me to go to store at these days, untill the stocks are available.

Okay Im out.

I hope it's not too late. Congratulation CHELSEA.
hahaha lagging.


First day at work.

My sister and her friend decided to sell their stuffs they brought from this factory somewhere in china, instead of having garage sale, they rent a place in serusop. She chose me as her worker since Im having a lame shitty at home, doing nothing. Just dating with books, handphones but not laptop. :p anyway, here I am. Sitting and waiting for the first customer since 10 a.m. I hope this could advertise. =D So people, please come. We sell crocs footwear, men and women. However, bags & braclets, are only for women, though. I've been 'enjoying' new moon since morning, every single word might improved my english as im still learning to make it perfect. Im looking forward for thursday's match against utama. Its the sport's day godammit! =D I've told my teamates not to be so overconfident and don't every underestimate the fresh one cause the world is cruel and it could turn our luck into negativity or at our least expectations. Im not sure if thats the correct spelling.. There's a good news for chelsea fan, there will be an italian manager, former AC milan. Carlo ancelloti. Im not sure thats the correct either. He will take over the blues for 4 years. And im out.